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 Trial Fitness Class

Join us for a LIVE Fitness Class at 11am on Wednesday March 24th!!

Unable to make the live class? No problem!  This class will be recorded and available for you to view at a time that works for you! 

Ready to join the fun??

Enroll for the class now!

Circuit Training Class Information:


Wednesday March 24th  at 11:00am

45 Minute Class | All Levels & Abilities

Our Circuit classes consist of a warm-up, interval training for approximately 30 minutes, and a cool-down/stretch at the end

What do I need for this class?

  • Proper exercise clothing & shoes 

  • Can also be done in bare feet

  • A Mat, Towel or Blanket to lie on 

  • Water & a workout towel (Optional)

How does it work?

1- Click on the ENROLL button and enter your information

2- Once Registered, you will receive an email from us the day before the class with your personal link and instructions

Ready to join the fun??

Enroll for the class now!

Can't make the class live?

You can view the recorded session with our playback option!

The class recording will be posted approximately 2hrs after class is completed

Must Register for Class in order to view the recorded session

Interested in our 1-on-1 Sessions?

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